Founding and the first meeting of Estonian Digital Assets Union members

NGO Estonian Digital Asset Unoion was registered on 6th of April 2022 with 14 members

The main objective of the establishment of the association was to gather a variety of market participants in order to contribute to the creation of an honest and understandable business environment and help bring foreign investments and expertise to Estonia via a field-based support network.

In cooperation with leading law firms, we wish to participate in proactive law-making in order to contribute to the development of legal clarity in the field of digital assets. Our objective is to act as a bridge between entrepreneurs and the public sector in order to ensure a productive and mutually beneficial dialogue. As an innovative digital state, Estonia must maintain its position as a global leader in the rapidly changing geopolitical and economic environment and we believe that the private sector can make a significant contribution to this via constructive dialogue.

The foundation meeting included agreeing on the action plan for 2022 and distributing urgent tasks between members. Priority is given to addressing the methodology of fulfilling the auditing obligation of cryptocurrency service providers and cooperation with the Board of Auditors. Additionally, there is a need to establish a dialogue with regulatory authorities in terms of the draft of the Crypto Assets and Crowdfunding Act.

We thank all of our founding members and welcome new companies to join us so that we are able to jointly make an even greater contribution to ensure the clear and reasonable regulation of the Estonian business landscape.