Estonian Digital Assets Union

Activities and objective

The Estonian Digital Assets Union was established for the purpose of facilitating a dialogue between the public sector and entrepreneurs operating on a regulated market. We assist companies in entering markets, applying for activity licences and meeting the regulative requirements for conducting business. The activities of the union and the members’ professional experience create the ideal environment for proactive law-making, facilitate communication with supervisory authorities and accelerate the process of establishing new companies based on prior experience.


Companies can become a member of the Estonian Digital Assets Union by applying for membership or receiving a personal invitation. We wish to ensure the transparency, good reputation and sustainability of digital assets business in Estonia. In order to achieve the goals established, we select our members carefully and actively address shortcomings and problems concerning their activities, helping them resolve situations that have occurred via consultations and proactive law-making.

Our founders include Estonia’s leading law firms and entrepreneurs with long-term experience in the field of cryptocurrencies, which ensures the high quality and efficiency of the association’s activities in both understanding entrepreneurs’ needs and communication with government institutions.

Management Board

Dejan Davidovic

Member of the Management Board

Hermes Brambat

Member of the Management Board

Rauno Kinkar

Member of the Management Board

Viljar Kähari

Member of the Management Board